Latest Achivement : Successful Implementation of CMMI Level Certification

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is an industry term for an integrated multi-module application software package which is designed to serve and support the functions/activities in multiple business enterprises. An ERP system includes applications for Manufacturing, Order Entry, Accounts Receivable & Payable, General Ledger, Purchasing, Warehousing, Transportation and Human Resource. Evolving out of the manufacturing industry, ERP implies the use of packaged software rather than proprietary software developed by or for one customer. ERP modules can be made abled to interface with an organization's own software at varying degrees of effort and depending on the software, ERP modules may be altered via vendor's proprietary tools as well as proprietary or standard programming languages.

OTS is also engaged in customized software development services. We have expert functional analysts together with the technical team which can design, develop and implement the customized needs of our clients. We rely on industry standard software development practices and rigorously pre-deployment testing of applications to ensure bug free and user friendly deliverables. Our software solutions help our clients with a lengthier shelf-life of applications with minimum maintenance and support requirements.

Why is ERP necessary?

By becoming the integrated information solution across the entire organization, ERP systems allow companies to better understand their business. With ERP software, companies can standardize their business processes, analyze the trends & scenario and more easily enact the best suitable practices to achieve desired goals of their business entities. By creating more efficient processes, companies can better concentrate on serving their customers and maximizing their own profit.

Oasis Investment Company is the holding company of Al Shirawi Group (including the IT Firm Oasis Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon, India) whose E-Business Suite R12 implementation success lies in its commitment to Al Shirawi Group which has diversified into major companies grown into one of the largest manufacturing, engineering, trading, printing, marketing, distribution, contracting and service industries in the Middle East. The group has chosen to implement Oracle E-Business Suite R12, across its Strategic Business Units (SBU) and head office, as its enterprise process automation solution. These are the end-to-end implementation projects for different SUBs starting from requirement gathering to post implementation support to new system. The entire requirements are gathered from key users of respective divisions i.e. Production, Marketing, Inventory, Sales, and Finance etc. This implementation is being progressed based on Application Implementation Methodology (AIM).

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) is a comprehensive suite of enterprise BI products that deliver a full range of analysis and reporting capabilities. BI gives business users the capability to perform in-depth analysis and data mining of detailed business data, providing real and significant information for making critical decisions.

Features of BI

  • Interactive dashboards and Answers
  • Full ad hoc queries and analysis
  • Proactive intelligence delivery and alerts
  • Oracle Scorecard & Strategy Management
  • Enterprise and financial reporting
  • Real-time predictive intelligence
  • Disconnected analytics
  • Full integration with Microsoft Office Package
  • Secured access
  • Drilling Down facility
Advantages of BI to Business Organizations

  • Rich Interactive Dashboards, No Programming Needed
  • Integration across all source platform’s
  • Action Framework and Integration with Business Processes
  • Proven Scalability and Flexibility Architected for Scale and Performance
  • Common Enterprise Information Model - Enables Consistency, Security, Reuse, Flexibility
  • Guided Analytics in Interactive Dashboards - Dynamic & Event-Driven Analytics Drive the Right Actions
  • Complete Insight Delivery Capabilities - Designed for Pervasive Intelligence
Our Expertise in BI

OTS has rich experience in delivering wider projects of BI to its international clients – Group of Companies – which have enhanced their managerial capabilities with the use of such advanced technology. Such enhanced capabilities of management have transformed into increased productivity and resultantly providing financial consolidation to user companies.

IBM Notes client is a desktop application developed by IBM Software Group. Notes/Domino provides a very granular security model that allows a developer to "lock down" access to all or parts of a database. You can combine public & private data within a single database or across a single server.

The advanced replication technology helps the user to remain productive even when not connected to the network. The Notes client can also be used as a platform for interacting with collaborative applications. Earlier the most common applications were simple contact management or threaded discussions. Today, it also provides blogs, RSS aggregators and many other custom applications which can be built using Domino Designer. There are many useful IBM Notes applications such as Web Enabled Applications, Notes Client Applications, Java Applications and Applications for mobile and wireless clients.

IBM Notes Application Development can be useful in a number of functional areas like E-Commerce, HR Applications, Intranets, Travel Management and Relationship Management Applications like Customer Relationship Management, Content Management Solutions etc.

IBM Notes Domino Workflow is a ready to use application requiring very little expertise and it is very easy to learn. The application can easily be incorporated in management practices at any point of time. Its function starts from the filling up of the requisition form in the database including the kind of manpower required. Right from the creation of the requisition form to the process of final induction, everything is done in a planned manner - clear and simple -through the IBM Notes Domino Workflow Application.

Key Features of IBM Notes

  • It provides a robust and productive user experience with a single point of access to email, calendars, contacts, activities, instant messaging, feeds, office documents, collaboration tools and business applications.
  • It helps users to manage their ever-growing inboxes effectively, with full-text search, delegation, mail filtering and sorting, conversation views and flags.
  • It further helps users to increase productivity with customizable widgets which can recognize specific patterns of text in IBM Notes documents. The recognized text can be clicked to perform the appropriate business action associated with that widget, such as retrieving information from a flight number in an e-mail.
  • It gives to users a facility of instantly locating and connecting with resources via presence awareness, business cards and instant messaging incorporated in context within the inbox and calendar.
  • It is equipped in minimizing or eliminating the impact of computer viruses through robust security features.
  • It helps drive business value through composite application technology that allows you to integrate and present line-of-business solutions and data from multiple systems into a single view for end-users.
  • With the presence of advanced replication technology, IBM Notes enables the user to remain productive even when he/she is disconnected with the network.
Our Expertise

  • Web application creation that includes intranet portal.
  • Integration with another database like Oracle, SQL-Server.
  • Improve and customize inbuilt lotus tools.
  • Development of complimentary tools like domino.doc, IBM Notes work flow application etc.
Built-in IBM Notes applications

A built-in IBM Notes application is the most common type to automate business process and workflow. You can use the following applications: Document Library

XPages Migration

Several organizations, running IBM Notes and Domino applications, have been prompted to migrate their Notes based applications to a web-based platform in order to meet evolving business needs and growing user expectations. Migration to a web-based platform also provides the following benefits:
  • Reduced dependencies on Notes client
  • Access to applications via web and mobile devices
  • Updated functionality to fulfill emerging business requirements
  • Enhanced Web 2.0 user experience
Advantages of XPages over a non-Domino target platform (Microsoft, .Net, Java, Open Source etc.)

Organizations, evaluating multiple target platforms, should consider the following advantages of IBM XPages over other target platforms, including Microsoft, .NET, Java, Open Source, etc.:
  • Significantly lower migration and maintenance cost
  • Minimized risk of failed or suboptimal deployment
  • Protection of prior Notes application investment
  • Leveraging critical native Domino capabilities
  • No data migration
How can OTS XPages migration services help?

OTS can help rapidly migrate your Notes client applications to XPages while completing migration projects within a shortest possible span of time at significantly lower cost and with fewer resources.

OTS migration experts ensure that application migration projects are planned in great detail based on customer specific environment, needs and constraints via a detailed assessment of the environment and discovery of key business and IT priorities. This approach minimizes cost overruns, missed deadlines and interruption of business processes.

In the era of timeless global interaction and access to ocean of information, OTS is the choice for high-end customers for availing our services for professionally built appealing, interactive, attractive, secured and user friendly web applications for their social, religious, business, personal or any other purpose. Using advanced technologies, OTS has mastered in developing quality web applications customized as per the requirements of the client and enhancing their business prospects to new heights.

SEO refers to “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” listings of websites on search engines. It is the practice of making a website more user friendly, effective, relevant and trustworthy in the frame of search engines in order to achieve maximum visibility in search. The ultimate goal of SEO is to get more traffic on your website and resultantly generate more revenue because in 21st century, the internet has become the first source of information for any user/customer to have first glimpse of vendor/service provider and his products/services.

Benefit to your company through SEO process

For your company, the website plays a major role to showcase the team you have, your business, product or service. It is very much required to create a better, quicker and friendlier website for users and search engine web crawlers. SEO is meant to give perfection to your website. Regardless of the name, SEO is not just about search engines but it also emphasizes the users. When the users are satisfied and sales are boosted, the goals of search engines seem to be achieved. Following tactics enhance the user’s experience and offer long term and short term benefits:

  • Increase traffic, target new customers and help growth
  • Explore internet users continuously
  • Helps converting sales at faster rate
OTS’s perfection in SEO Services

We focus our dedication and passion on bringing the best and the optimized results for our clients. We provide tailored solutions to meet client’s SEO needs. We believe in customizing our SEO services to each client by recommending them generic and relevant keywords which are unique to each niche market. Our aim is to give the best results in the best time that allows increased traffic to your site, increased business and improved keywords ranking which, in turn, bring you a speedy returns on your investments and humongous turn-over.

Asif Master

Al Shirawi Group of Companies , Dubai
“I do not want to make any comparison of OTS with any other organization because it would be unjustifiable to do so as what I can assert for, with a feeling of satisfaction and positivism, is the time-bound proficient delivery of application or any change request by OTS Team to my business entity and such expert hands on Oracle Techs are perhaps the necessity of every business establishment. I firmly believe to keep on getting more from OTS in future.”

Naveen Sharma,

Director and Head of Group Internal Audit,
Al Shirawi Group of Companies, Dubai
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"Oasis Technosoft is an established Software services provider and adds value in Alshirawi groups of companies in Dubai through their transparent delivery processes of IT meeting the best breed through ISO9000 as well CMMI maturity models which in turn helps to satisfy users with overall quality and cost effectiveness".

Saptharishi Rajagopalan

Financial Controller,
ESG Group, Dubai
“I am happy to express my satisfaction and pleasure for efficient and timely work always done by OTS in Oracle Apps technology. Your incessant support helps my business to grow faster through accurate and quick analytical and easily understandable data presentation and reporting.”