Latest Achivement : Successful Implementation of CMMI Level Certification

SEO refers to “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” listings of websites on search engines. It is the practice of making a website more user friendly, effective, relevant and trustworthy in the frame of search engines in order to achieve maximum visibility in search. The ultimate goal of SEO is to get more traffic on your website and resultantly generate more revenue.

Benefit to your company through SEO process

For your company, the website plays a major role to showcase the team you have, your business, product or service. It is very much required to create a better, quicker and friendlier website for users and search engine web crawlers. SEO is meant to give perfection to your website. Regardless of the name, SEO is not just about search engines but it also emphasizes the users. When the users are satisfied and sales are boosted, the goals of search engines seem to be achieved. Following tactics enhance the user’s experience and offer long term and short term benefits:

  • Increase traffic, target new customers and help growth
  • Explore internet users continuously
  • Helps converting sales at faster rate

OTS’s perfection in SEO Services

We focus our dedication and passion on bringing the best and the optimized results for our clients. We provide tailored solutions to meet client’s SEO needs. We believe in customizing our SEO services to each client by recommending them generic and relevant keywords which are unique to each niche market. Our aim is to give the best results in the best time that allows increased traffic to your site, increased business and improved keywords ranking which, in turn, bring you a speedy returns on your investments and humongous turn-over.

Asif Master

Al Shirawi Group of Companies , Dubai
“I do not want to make any comparison of OTS with any other organization because it would be unjustifiable to do so as what I can assert for, with a feeling of satisfaction and positivism, is the time-bound proficient delivery of application or any change request by OTS Team to my business entity and such expert hands on Oracle Techs are perhaps the necessity of every business establishment. I firmly believe to keep on getting more from OTS in future.”

Naveen Sharma,

Director and Head of Group Internal Audit,
Al Shirawi Group of Companies, Dubai
"Oasis Technosoft is an established Software services provider and adds value in Alshirawi groups of companies in Dubai through their transparent delivery processes of IT meeting the best breed through ISO9000 as well CMMI maturity models which in turn helps to satisfy users with overall quality and cost effectiveness".

Saptharishi Rajagopalan

Financial Controller,
ESG Group, Dubai
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“I am happy to express my satisfaction and pleasure for efficient and timely work always done by OTS in Oracle Apps technology. Your incessant support helps my business to grow faster through accurate and quick analytical and easily understandable data presentation and reporting.”