Latest Achivement : Successful Implementation of CMMI Level Certification

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) is a comprehensive suite of enterprise BI products that deliver a full range of analysis and reporting capabilities. BI gives business users the capability to perform in-depth analysis and data mining of detailed business data, providing real and significant information for making critical decisions.

Features of BI

  • Interactive dashboards and Answers
  • Full ad hoc queries and analysis
  • Proactive intelligence delivery and alerts
  • Oracle Scorecard & Strategy Management
  • Enterprise and financial reporting
  • Real-time predictive intelligence
  • Disconnected analytics
  • Full integration with Microsoft Office Package
  • Secured access
  • Drilling Down facility

Advantages of BI to Business Organizations

  • Rich Interactive Dashboards, No Programming Needed
  • Integration across all source platform’s
  • Action Framework and Integration with Business Processes
  • Proven Scalability and Flexibility Architected for Scale and Performance
  • Common Enterprise Information Model - Enables Consistency, Security, Reuse, Flexibility
  • Guided Analytics in Interactive Dashboards - Dynamic & Event-Driven Analytics Drive the Right Actions
  • Complete Insight Delivery Capabilities - Designed for Pervasive Intelligence

Our Expertise in BI

OTS has rich experience in delivering wider projects of BI to its international clients – Group of Companies – which have enhanced their managerial capabilities with the use of such advanced technology. Such enhanced capabilities of management have transformed into increased productivity and resultantly providing financial consolidation to user companies.

Asif Master

Al Shirawi Group of Companies , Dubai
“I do not want to make any comparison of OTS with any other organization because it would be unjustifiable to do so as what I can assert for, with a feeling of satisfaction and positivism, is the time-bound proficient delivery of application or any change request by OTS Team to my business entity and such expert hands on Oracle Techs are perhaps the necessity of every business establishment. I firmly believe to keep on getting more from OTS in future.”

Naveen Sharma,

Director and Head of Group Internal Audit,
Al Shirawi Group of Companies, Dubai
"Oasis Technosoft is an established Software services provider and adds value in Alshirawi groups of companies in Dubai through their transparent delivery processes of IT meeting the best breed through ISO9000 as well CMMI maturity models which in turn helps to satisfy users with overall quality and cost effectiveness".

Saptharishi Rajagopalan

Financial Controller,
ESG Group, Dubai
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“I am happy to express my satisfaction and pleasure for efficient and timely work always done by OTS in Oracle Apps technology. Your incessant support helps my business to grow faster through accurate and quick analytical and easily understandable data presentation and reporting.”